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Sustainability Performance

Sustainability Performance

Our Better Places plan contributes to global carbon neutrality, with SBTi-approved targets to achieve net zero on Scopes 1 & 2 by 2030 and on Scopes 1, 2 & 3 by 2050, with a clear priority towards the reduction of our GHG emissions. We operate an efficient and resilient portfolio that minimises negative impact on resources and the environment, while accelerating urban regeneration by designing and retrofitting low-carbon, connected and inclusive urban places.


Cut carbon emissions across our value chain by -50% by 2030

(1) Corrections have been made to the 2015 baseline and 2030 targets figures (for more details in the 2022 URD : Continuous improvement of definitions and data quality improvement).

Reduce emissions from construction by -35 % by 2030

100% development projects to integrate a circular economy design solution by 2025

The requirement for the integration of circular economy design solutions in the development projects has been added in the Group Sustainability Brief in 2020 and will be closely monitored through a dedicated assessment tool.

100% development projects to include long-term climate risks, while minimising resource use and maintaining user comfort by 2025

Reduce emissions from operations by -80 % by 2030

Improve the energy efficiency of our assets by 30% by 2030

(1) Corrections have been made to the 2015 baseline and 2030 targets figures (for more details in the 2022 URD : Continuous improvement of definitions and data quality improvement).

Multiply the installed capacity of on-site renewable energy five-fold by 2025

100% of our assets to include a climate change risk plan by 2022

Aim to send zero waste to landfill by 2025

Reduce emissions from transport by -40 % by 2030

50% of visitors to access Group assets by sustainable means of transport by 2030

100% development projects significantly connected to public transport solutions by 2025

Develop a Group Biodiversity Strategy by 2020

The Group Biodiversity Strategy has been developed in 2020 with, in addition to the two existing commitments, a new one on having 100% new development projects to achieve a biodiversity net gain by 2022.

100% standing assets with high biodiversity stakes to implement a biodiversity action plan by 2022

100% development projects to implement a biodiversity action plan by 2022


At least €20 Mn of social value generated through community oriented programmes each year

€20 Mn of social value generated through community oriented programmes in 2021

100% of Flagship assets to support local entrepreneurship through commercial partnerships and regional networks by 2022

1,000 people to integrate a job or a qualifying training certification through the URW for Jobs programme from 2020 onwards

(1) Several shopping centres did not conduct URW for Jobs in 2021 due to the COVID-19 pandemic (closures and cancelled job events in line with governmental health and safety restrictions).

100% of Flagship assets to support at least one local charity or NGO-sponsored long-term project (>two years) by 2022

Collaborate with tenants to increase transparency of brands on health and sustainability, and to expand healthy and sustainable alternatives in 100% of Flagship assets by 2025

The Group pursued the integration of sustainable brands (brands integrating sustainability as heart of their processes and products) in its portfolio to enrich its alternative sustainable offer. In parallel, concrete discussions with retailers were undertaken (Viparis) on their sustainability policies, for the Group to engage and support their efforts when relevant.

100% of Flagship assets support and promote at least one sustainable consumption initiative by 2022


100% of Group employees with individual sustainability objectives

(1) All employees having formalised objectives in the Group Human Resources performance assessment tool.

Achieve a 60/40 gender balance by 2025 in senior management roles

Improve employee engagement on Diversity and Inclusion

The Group Employee Pulse Survey was rolled out to all employees, with 65% of respondents strongly stating that URW is committed to diversity and inclusion. The survey is rolled out each year.

Develop and roll-out Groupwide leadership and management programmes integrating sustainability by 2022

In 2022, URW hosted a Leadership Working Session for the Top 100 Senior Leader population. This full 2-day programme focused on sustainability and included a deep dive into the impact of climate change, carbon net zero, sustainable design and construction, and sustainable consumption.

100% of Group employees to have participated in sustainability training by 2022

100% of Group employees take part in the URW Volunteering Programme annually from 2020 onwards

100% of our countries to implement Work Greener and employee Well-being programmes from 2020 onwards

ESG indices, ratings and awards

Unibail-Rodamco-Westfield is constantly recognised for its sustainability and performance. Our ESG performance is regularly assessed by analysts, researchers, investors and third-party certification bodies that rank us as one of the most sustainable companies in the industry.

CDP Climate Change A List

CDP Climate Change A List

URW was highlighted as a global leader on corporate climate action by global environmental impact non-profit CDP achieving a place on the CDP Climate Change A List (score on a scale of A to D-) in 2023 for the sixth year in a row(1).

More information on CDP here

(1) Click here.


In 2023, URW obtained the highest rating of AA, in the “Leader” segment (on a scale of AAA to CCC), in the MSCI ESG ratings assessment.

In December 2023, MSCI confirmed the presence of URW in the following ESG indices: MSCI Global Green Building Index, MSCI Europe Low Carbon Leaders MSCI World Low Carbon Leaders.

More information on MCSI ESG ratings, ratings and awards here

ISS ESG Corporate rating

ISS ESG Corporate rating

In 2023, URW reconfirmed its B rating and Prime status, a status awarded to companies with an ESG performance above the sector-specific Prime threshold. URW also conserved its leader position in the 1st decile rank comparing its performance relatively to its industry peers.

More information on ISS ESG here.


Corporate Knights - Global 100

URW was included(1) in the 2024 Global 100 ranking by Corporate Knights, an independent and rigorous assessment of public companies with revenue over $1 billion.

(1) Click here.



In October 2023, URW received an ESG Risk Rating of 5.8 and was assessed by Sustainalytics to be at Negligible risk of experiencing material financial impacts from ESG factors. URW’s ESG Risk Rating by Sustainalytics places the Group at the 3rd rank and in the 1st percentile of the Real Estate Industry group assessed by Sustainalytics, as well as at the 7th rank in the global rated universe (15,000+ companies). URW’s management score of ESG issues assessed by Sustainalytics is strong (81/100). URW has also been included in Sustainalytics’ 2023 Top-Rated ESG Companies List across all segments (Global 50 Rated, ESG Industry Top-Rated and ESG Regional Top-Rated).

More information on Sustainalytics here.

Moody’s ESG Solutions (formerly V.E)

Moody’s ESG Solutions (formerly V.E)

In 2023, URW was rated 67/100 for its global ESG performance, positioning the Group at an advanced performance level (Financial Services – Real Estate).

More information on V.E here

GRESB (Global Real Estate Sustainability Benchmark)

GRESB (Global Real Estate Sustainability Benchmark)

In 2023, the Group received a score of 90/100 and a ‘5 Star’ rating, which recognises entities with the highest performance levels in the GRESB benchmark. URW ranked among the top 20% rated entities worldwide.

More information on GRESB here

Euronext ESG Indices

Euronext ESG Indices

In December 2023, the Group was reconfirmed in the World 120, Europe 120, Eurozone 120, France 20, CAC 40 ESG, Euronext CDP Environment, ESG Eurozone, Euronext Green Planet France, Euronext Equileap, et Gender Equality Eurozone 100 indices. URW is also part of the list of “Top 10 Performers” of the CAC 40® Governance index (since the creation of the index in 2017, confirmed in December 2023).

For further information on the inclusion of URW in Euronext’s ESG indices, please consult the following link. URW’s Euronext ESG profile is available here.

FTSE4Good Index series

FTSE4Good Index series

The June 2023 Index Review reconfirmed Unibail-Rodamco-Westfield as a member of the FTSE4GOOD Index Series (since 2005).

More information on FTSE4Good here

ECPI Indices (since 2007)

ECPI Indices

In December 2023, Unibail-Rodamco-Westfield was confirmed for inclusion in the following ECPI® indices: ECPI EMU Ethical Equity, ECPI Euro ESG Equity, ECPI Global ESG Gender Equality Index, ECPI World ESG Equity.

More information on ECPI here

EPRA Gold Award

EPRA Gold Award

The EPRA (European Public Real Estate Association) has developed its Best Practices Recommendations on Sustainability Reporting (sBPR). For the eleventh time in a row, Unibail-Rodamco-Westfield received the EPRA Gold Award in 2022 for completing its 2021 reporting in accordance with the EPRA Sustainability.


In 2023, URW ranked in the Equileap Top 100 companies for gender equality globally, as well as in the Top 10 companies in France. More information available here.